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Amazing Pollinators


It's a big world. Someone has to pollinate it...

Take flight and get ready to explore plants of all shapes, sizes, and colors! Take on the role of bats, bees, beetles, and butterflies in our immersive new exhibit, Amazing Pollinators! Play games, take on missions, and level up as you make your way through the colorful maze. From gardens to farms, and rainforests to deserts, explore these pollinators' powers and discover their wondrous benefits to Earth's plants, ecosystems, and even humans! Visitors of all ages will discover the role bees, butterflies, and other animals play in our everyday life and leave with a new appreciation for these cool creatures. Then, don't forget to head over to The Judy Istock Butterfly Haven to explore even more pollinators from around the world!

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Exhibit Highlights

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    Meet the Pollinators

    Did you know that bees aren't the only pollinators we rely on? Get up close to the eight featured pollinator groups and learn how they're all uniqely adapted to pollinate a variety of plants. How many of these pollinators do you recognize?

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    Mission Maze

    Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to play the role of pollinator! Make your way through the maze and use your mission card to learn about your special pollinator and your target species plant. Once you complete your goal, switch it up and try out another pollinator group. Rack up your Pollination Points and level up as you go!

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    Game Parlor

    You sunk my beetle-ship! Take what you've learned and explore it in the Pollinator Game Parlor! Play a round of Beetle-ship, challenge your family to a game of Invasive Species Shuffleboard, and see if you can come out on top in the Ecosystems in Balance Tower. These fun games will challenge visitors to think about human, pollinator, and plant relationships in new, fun ways.

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    Share Your Pollinator Prowess

    Are you a biodiversity boss or just a drone? Grab a sign and share your pollinator journey with your friends and family in our social media photo station area.

Amazing Pollinators was created by Minotaur Mazes in collaboration with the Florida Museum of Natural History and the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation.

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