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Standing for science. Always.

Created: 4/13/2018      Updated: 4/16/2018

Museum staff and volunteers at the 2017 March for Science

Every day we use, apply and celebrate science here at the Chicago Academy of Sciences / Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum. It is a privilege to welcome our guests and curious students into the wonders of nature – wonders that are more easily understood and appreciated because of science.   

Our team stands in solidarity today with people around the world who are participating the second annual March for Science, a public testament that science matters in our lives.

I strongly support the idea of standing up for science. It can help raise public understanding of the importance of scientific study to people, wildlife and nature. Our values at the Academy and Nature Museum are seeded in discovery, research, education and science.

Perhaps today’s March for Science can inspire more people to be curious, to seek facts and to defend scientific study, on which our lives depend. My hope is that it also stimulates public discussion and a quest for knowledge by people of all ages.

The Academy has led scientific discovery in the Chicago region for more than 160 years. We offer this knowledge and rich history to the public every day. From our region’s natural history that is preserved and studied in the Academy, to the engaging experiences like seeing the exotic and complex species from around the world in our newest exhibit, Birds of Paradise, we make science fun and empowering.

Museum staff standing for science

I invite you to join us today in celebration of the March for Science. Come to the Nature Museum and make your own statement of support with a family photo or selfie in front of our proud “We Stand for Science” sign in our lobby. And then have fun enjoying science here and at other science-based museums that are our sister Museums in the Park institutions.

Let’s make it a great day for science.

Deborah Lahey, CEO & President

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