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Preparing Your Yard


As the climate changes, our homes aren’t the only ones being impacted; the plants and animals that share our environment are impacted as well.

Plant hardiness zones are shifting, impacting which species can thrive where. Our changing climate also impacts when plants bud, bloom, and fruit, impacting resource availability at key points for birds, mammals, and insects who depend upon them.

We can take action to support our local wildlife by providing resources animals need to survive. Check out the resources below to learn how you can prepare your yard for a changing climate.

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Resource Guides

  • Plants for Pollinators

    Guide: Plants for Pollinators

    A handy guide to starting your pollinator garden. Click the button below to download your own printable brochure.

    Plants for Pollinators Brochure
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    Guide: Native Plants

    Native plants require less irrigation and actually help reduce stormwater runoff. Click the button below to download your own printable brochure.

    RainReady: Native Plants Brochure

Partner Organizations & Resources

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    Want to make your back yard better? Check out the tips and advice provided by Conservation@Home - an initiative of the Conservation Foundation.

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    Give back to your community. Get involved in conservation and restoration efforts led by the Chicago Park District and show our parks some love.

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