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Preparing For Extreme Heat & Cold


Did you know that we live in an urban heat island? It's hotter in the city than elsewhere, and, with our changing climate, we can expect more and more heat waves to hit our area.

With these heat waves, we'll be tempted to simply up our air conditioning usage, but how can we be more efficient with our energy? How can we make our homes more energy efficient so we can use less electricity for cooling?

Check out the resources below to learn how to weatherize your home, learn about energy efficiency, and explore renewable electricity options.

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Resource Guides

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    Guide: Weatherization

    Making simple changes in your home can help you use less electricity for heating and cooling.

    Weatherization Guide

Partner Organizations & Resources

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    The Citizens Utility Board (CUB) is Illinois’ only consumer group 100 percent focused on cutting utility bills. CUB fights rate hikes, advocates for energy efficiency, and provides people with one-on-one guidance about their bills.

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    Our century-old power grid is upgrading to a smart grid. By 2020, most Illinois homes will have a smart electric meter. ISEIF's mission is to empower a community of organizations to make sure everyone understands smart meters and how to benefit from them.

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