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Conservation Research

Biologists in the field

At the Forefront of Conservation

For 160 years, our scientists have been dedicated to developing a deeper understanding of regional plant and animal species, identifying environmental threats, and working to conserve and restore threatened populations. Read on to learn more about our conservation initiatives.

  • Baltimore Checkerspot Butterfly

    Baltimore checkerspot butterfly

    As Baltimore checkerspot butterflies become more rare, our scientists are working hard to sustain them. 

  • Blanding's Turtle

    Blanding's turtle hatchling

    You might be familiar with our Blanding's turtle exhibit, but our involvement with them goes beyond our walls.

  • Monarch Butterfly


    Our educators lead workshops emphasizing the importance of creating monarch habitats.

  • Regal Fritillary Butterfly

    Regal fritillary butterfly

    The regal fritillary is currently listed as threatened in Illinois, with reduced numbers. 

  • Rusty Patched Bumble Bee

    Rusty Patched Bumble Bee

    Chicago Academy of Sciences / Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum scientists are working to monitor and assist this essential pollinator.

  • Smooth Greensnake

    Smooth greensnake

    Smooth greensnake populations are declining due to habitat destruction and other factors.

  • Wood Frog

    Wood frog

    The wood frog is a species our biologists are working to monitor and restore to the woodland ponds of Illinois.

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