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Fore! The Planet


Discover our planet in a “hole” new way! 

Explore a tropical rainforest, navigate a waterway, learn how to make a wildlife refuge in your own backyard—all while playing mini golf! Putt your way through 18 fun, themed holes as you learn more about the natural world around us. The more your family learns, the better you’ll play!

Exhibit Highlights:

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    Butterfly Life Cycle

    Butterflies come in an amazing array of sizes, patterns, and colors, but they all have one thing in common – metamorphosis! Putt your way through this hole to learn the ins and outs of the butterfly life cycle.

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    Evolution of a Golfer

    Evolution takes a very long period of time. Make your way through the timeline to see just how long it took for homo sapiens (like you!) to evolve.

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    Bird Migration

    How far do birds migrate? Some migrate up to 8,000 miles! Putt your way from Argentina to the Pacific Northwest to see the lengths some hawks go to breed and feed.

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    Bat Sonar

    Blind as a bat? We don’t think so! Conquer this hole by using your listening skills to avoid obstacles and learn how bats use sonar in the same way.

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