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Amazing Amphibians


Amphibian Critter Connection
Every day | 11:30am

Join us at The Animal House to see one of our special amphibian pals up close!

Featuring eye-popping colors, lusty songs, and long-legged leaps, Amazing Amphibians immerses visitors in the diverse and extraordinary world of amphibians testing their knowledge through interactive play. A colorful maze at the front of the exhibit greets families, inviting them to discover the lifecycles of these remarkable species through trivia and hands-on activities. 

  • Hop on the exhibit’s “Treetop Glider,” a 15-foot zipline where kids (and the young at heart) can glide from tree to tree like the black-webbed tree frog of Southeast Asia
  • Challenge friends to see who can catch the most prey in Feasting, Feasting Frogs – an amphibian update to the similar Hippo-themed game
  • Measure themselves against the largest and smallest amphibians from around the world and in our own region
  • Trace amphibians’ development over the past 375 million years on the “wheel of time”
  • Learn about threats to the amphibian population, including metal contaminates, disease and nonnative species

The exhibit also features live frogs and other amphibians, including tiger salamanders, American toads, green tree frogs, and more! Visitors can also learn how they can help protect amphibian populations locally.

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