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Contents of the reptiles inquiry kit

Inquiry Kits

The Nature Museum's Inquiry Kits contain books, activity ideas, videos, posters, specimens, models, and other materials to supplement your classroom lessons! Many kits available are provided from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) and contain bilingual components. Educators may borrow one Inquiry Kit for two weeks for a refundable $50 deposit. 

Available kits include: Butterflies, Chicago Wilderness Biodiversity, Climate Change, Field Trip Pack (IDNR), Illinois Fossils (IDNR), Insects and Spiders (IDNR), Invasive Species (IDNR), People and Animals from IL's Past (IDNR), Plants, Prairies (IDNR), Reptiles and Amphibians, Trees (IDNR), Wild Mammals (IDNR), Zebra Mussel Mania


EnviroScapes are portable, interactive, table-top models of landscapes designed to help students explore watershed concepts, threats, and conservation issues. Topics include wetland functions, non-point source and storm water pollution, and hazardous waste management. Each model includes the landscape, materials, instructions, and activity ideas. EnviroScapes may be checked out for two weeks for a refundable $50 deposit.

Available EnviroScapes include Hazardous Waste, Water Pollution and Wetlands.

National Geographic Book Packs

Check out our series of National Geographic book packs! Packs contain books from National Geographic Publishing on a variety of science and social studies topics including life science, earth and space science, government and more. These leveled book packs are currently availablefor emergent, early, fluent, and fluent plus readers (grades preK-3) and may be checked out for up to two weeks. A refundable $25 deposit is required for each book pack. Click here for a list of all available book packs.The TLC also offers National Geographic book packs for grades 3-8. These nonfiction books cover a variety of life science, physical science, and nature of science topics.

For more information on the TLC, call 773-755-5112 or email

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