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Scout Workshop Visit


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The Nature Museum offers a variety of workshops for active scout groups which utilize the Museum's collections and outdoor exhibitions. These workshops teach scouts the skills of observation, discussion, identification and more.

Scout Workshop Visit Admission Prices

(Monday-Friday, all year) 

Boy Scout and Girl Scout groups visiting the Museum and taking a workshop receive free field trip tickets for all scouts.

Adults, including chaperones and scout leaders, receive free tickets. Please consider keeping adult attendance close to a 1:5 adult:scout ratio.

Scout Workshop Visit Information

Confirmation Sheets
After you've submitted a request form, we will process your request within two weeks. Once we've booked your visit, we will send you a confirmation packet via email. Your field trip is not confirmed until you've received this email. After two weeks, if you have not received an email please email to check on the status of your request. 

Tour Cards
In order to ensure that our visitors have the opportunity to explore the Museum fully, groups with more than thirty students will be split up into lettered groups (A, B, C, etc.) and we will provide one tour card, on the day of your visit, to the leader of each lettered group listed on your confirmation sheet. These custom tour cards provide an outline for your trip and also include specific times and locations for lunches and workshops. Tour cards will be distributed after your group leader has checked in at the front desk. Click here for a sample tour card.

If you have requested a lunch space be reserved for your group, the request will be indicated on your confirmation sheet. When you arrive at the Museum, each lettered group's lunch time and location will appear on their tour card. Please do not call ahead for lunch times.

We will collect lunches when groups arrive and bring them to the lunch room at your assigned lunch time. We ask that you bring lunches in small, recyclable brown paper bags.

Scout Workshop Information

The Nature Museum offers science and nature workshops at the Museum that align with Boy and Girl Scout badge requirements. Scout groups of 10 or more can register for these creative, hands-on programs to enhance badge programming.

Scout Workshops

Scout Workshop Visit Additional Enrichment Options

Want to provide a focused field trip for your scouts? Choose between four themes to guide your field trip. These themes will provide your group with a focus and an activity while traveling through our permanent, temporary and outdoor exhibits. Groups will be given a custom themed tour card for their self-guided tour. Choices include Insects & More, Midwest Ecosystems, Collections & Specimensand Conservation. The themes also include pre and post-visit activities for you to do before and after your visit!

Make your field trip visit unforgettable by releasing a butterfly for its very first flight. For $10 per class, each class will be able to adopt a butterfly that has just emerged from its chrysalis and is ready to be released into the Judy Istock Butterfly Haven

Themed Field Trips     Adopt-a-Butterfly

Anything else?
Please visit our Scout Workshops FAQs page for answers to common questions. If you need further assistance, please email

Reserve your space today! 
Please only submit one request per field trip. If you are planning multiple field trips - either on more than one day or a morning and afternoon visit - you must fill out a separate request for each. Before requesting a visit, please review the Payment & Cancellation Policies.

Scout Workshop Visit Request Form 

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