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Member Celebration


Member Celebration
Thursday, June 21, 2018
5:30pm to 7:30pm

Bring the kids and explore our two new exhibits— Amazing Amphibians and Nature's Puzzles. Nature Museum members are invited to an evening of fun in-exhibit programming, Critter Connections, Museum-wide access, and complimentary refreshments.

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About Amazing Amphibians

Featuring eye-popping colors, lusty songs, and long-legged leaps, Amazing Amphibians submerges visitors in the diverse and extraordinary world of amphibians testing their knowledge through interactive play. A colorful maze at the front of the exhibit greets families, inviting them to discover the life cycles of these remarkable species through trivia and hands-on activities. The exhibit also features live amphibians, including frogs and salamanders!

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About Nature's Puzzles

In this early-education exhibit, children can solve the mathematical puzzles found everywhere in the natural world—from the patterned spots on their pets to the delicate symmetry of a butterfly’s wings. Interactive elements exploring four key themes—repeating patterns, shapes and sizes, designs in nature, and mathematical inquiry—invite visitors to explore how math helps us understand the natural world in a practical way.

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